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The Engineer By Charles F-yung

POSTED 04/01/2018 08:36
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The Engineer, sitting at his work table,
He’s got piles on piles of blueprints, charts, maps and plans scattered amiss on the work table.
There’s been a fault in the project
The technicians did it the wrong way
They’ve ignored the most sensitive details.
Gosh!! This is serious
Dire consequences surmount
Catastrophe could betide the days
Bewilderment the order of the day and
Mishaps certainly, bound to surface.

The Engineer
He’s got to proffer solution
He’s got to put his brain prowess to work
He’s got to derive the formula
He’s got to work himself out
He’s got to provide the remedies
Least, the people wail
Least, the children cry
Least, the economy dies
Least, our nation lose its dignity
Least, our sanity be enmeshed.

The Engineer
He is a hard worker
He keeps sleepless nights
He has the people’s best interest at heart
He has sworn not to indulge in practices dishonoring to his discipline
He tries his best at all time to get that solution
So smiles can be casted on the faces of the people
Hopes are rekindled
Economies rejuvenated
Life is easier now
Cause his innovation has come to stay.

The Engineer
An epitome of diligence
Driver of developments
Lover of innovations
Lover of man-kind
A solution provider
He is the engineer.

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