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I Died Twice By Aniebiet Effiong

POSTED 11/06/2017 14:45
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"Where is this? Where am i?"
I found myself in a strange land,
Where it seemed to be the land of the dead.
As i looked around,
i saw a man in white garment stand
"Fear not", he told me.

"holy holy holy..."
I heard some angelic voices
Singing and rejoicing.

As i made my walk down the road,
Walking towards the glittering gate
Which was the blest abode.
A place for those who lived right,
And walked straight.

"Go not into that way,
For today is not your day
Come with me, and see something"
The man on white beckoned.

As we walked down,
Behold, i saw an abyss
As thick as a heavy cloud
Rolling its crest like a raging sea.

Hidden in it were people,
Great and small
Whose sins were not seen on earth
Even until their death
But open in the book above
Gnashing their teeth in the brutal flame.
Terrorised by the terror of the furnace
Whose depth and height was immeasurable.

As i stood numbly,
gazing at the abyss.
I saw a figure
whose face was disfigured
By the fire
Lo, It was Kenneth!
My neighbour who passed away last week.

"Ken, why are you here?" I was stupefied.
"Please go tell my brethren
To weep not for my death on earth
But for my soul in abyss.
I was the poison of the world
Not the salt
My candle was blown off
By the wind of the world
I was thrown into gloom!
Was I destined for doom?
O foolish me, who had bewitched me
Not to believe the gospel of truth?
Please go and tell my brethren i died twice...!

As the fire kept rolling
As if there was someone adding fuel to it every minute,
His cry of sorrow and shout for help
Reached crescendo
But there was nothing i could do.

"Jesus! Jesus!! Jesus!!!"
I jumped off my bed
Panting heavily as if i escaped a lion
"Thank God it was a dream", i mutered.
Raindrops began to fall from my eyes.

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