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Dead, In The Sand By AJ Oti

POSTED 06/15/2018 12:57
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Dead, in the Sand
Because our stories did not start with time
We were left, half buried in doom.
Because our lives have become yesterday's loss
Dead in the sand,
Because our stories will end here -
We should sit and await fate's unfair pen?
Must our days be filled with words from our fears?
Tears, Tears, Tears - Tears,
They remain the only strength that binds us.
Our hearts, our lives, our freedom,
Have we not been blessed with so much tears already?
The sand that craved our skin
Should be the one to carry our bones, yes?
Because we were the ones created to die,
We were the ones waiting to become dust, forever.
Dead, in the sand,
How do we tell our children these stories?
Wait, were they not half buried with us?
Our past, our future; all but dust waiting to fade.
The ones that write our fate,
The ones that choose our future,
The ones that end our today,
They don't know how it feels to die in the sand.

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