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Dawn Of A Year! By Okeke Onyedika Prezide

POSTED 12/22/2017 10:35
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Roll, rolling is the cake in heaven
Baked by the bright smile of kids
Sparkling triumph light as in haven
And announces the birth of a new king.
Merrily, smiles risen
Painting blue in mother's tobacco teeth
As lovers in red and white garment admire
The morning without heat.
Oh! Difference came with the attire
Reserved far, far eons by bits.

If rain could simultaneously fall on us
Leading our busy minds far behind
When this day never kicked off its horse
And land too swamp to befriend
Merrily merrily, smiles will never depart from us
As blue ribbon used in balloons
Knotted in fervour loosen
And dance loyally without falling soon
To the chants, flames of candle lightened
Oh Merrily! Our dreams shall wake with the piercing tone.

Mildly, mildly, breeze serves
Taking the sonorous tone higher above
The blue lights, up, up to its source
As colours spark in true love
Smoldering memories with everlasting spark.


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