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Confession By Merit Chigozie

POSTED 06/16/2018 14:19
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Forgive me Father for I have sinned,
It’s been three years since my last confession,
the penance was dope and carried out,
after which I felt a moment of chastity and peace.
Father you will need a lot of water to digest my confession.

In those three years,
I killed my parent's future,
I cracked the shell that was called home.
It all began with love,
I earned a PhD in its course this last three years.
I met love and fell for him,
he was my African Arthur Pendragon,
handsome, muscular, intelligent, romantic,
a Mystic Spirit Being.
He took the first step in our game of chess.
I let my eyes off my duty as king.
He didn't mind,
I was the devil incarnate
We woke up in seemingly without mind,
he lost a part of him in my body,
I cherished it and stuck to fallacy,
We went on for two years till Jealousy stepped into the picture
She came for peace, he had protested.

My folly raised its ugly head again,
I tried walking through the darkness till the dawn wakes,
My shell refused to glue together.
I travelled on roasted feet, Sahara's hottest hell.
My tongue laughed at me while I knelt before him crying,
this Prince charming would act so unlike Arthur Pendragon.
Whoever knew that?
Hands outstretched feebly begging for death, just feed me.
I crawled through offices of hate and got my shillings, worth more than millions.
It didn't make a difference

Forgive me Father for I must speak
When love stepped out I locked the exit,
he would call on days my feelings travelled,
I sat with my legs crossed with my broken eyes piercing the tiny veil that separated dead from living
my fingers did me good by sticking to me,
they licked at the dirts with such mastery,
I pity them at times.
I came now to shred this tangles and webs
BUT his souvenir licked at my mind
I struggled fiercely, but it just winked, why fight? Huh?
I bent over to gaze at it
Its eyes filled with tears that bear my history,
I looked at it and shivered.

Forgive me Father for I had to sin,
I ran out of gates that had endings to beginnings of endings
I got exhausted,
At times, it licks my wounds when I got carried away.
The only way out. I had to think.
I took my last pill of patience.
bought the space
They were happy there,
The holy one said I did well by sending booties.
I stared at his last string on me,
I closed my eyes tightly, walked down here.

Forgive me Father for this is my sin, I had committed three years ago,
I need another moment of peace and chastity, the task ahead is heavy.

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