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Comfort Her Pains By Tydale Abigail

POSTED 04/24/2018 14:54
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Go ink, the writer's pride!
Write out all her joys that is now sad.
Be sure to show simply clear
How religion has quarreled with her.
Tell every kindred of the books
That they must write to comfort her pains.

Cry really loud, you people's consciences!
Cry so that your tears can sail the paddles of hard heartedness.
Wash them from their heads to the sole of their feet,
So that they can remember how wicked their good decision is
And bid them to comfort her pains.

You who are fathers of the law!
Have you not seen how broken your rigid seals have become?
Did you not agree that we have the freedom of religion?
Go now, to the tormentors of Leah
And teach them the law that will comfort her pains.

Fellow friends and free peoples!
Tell Leah now that you have no hand in her plight.
Say no comforting words, nor make loud cries.
Do not forget how her feeble strength has given you great courage.
Now, rise up to the goodness of your battered thoughts
And take actions to comfort her pains.

Pray, you Christians of the Nigerian soil!
Pray with fervent faith for the feeble Leah.
Let your prayers shake the entries to her hostile home.
And scatter the scourging squad of her enemies’ pride.
Tell the Holy Spirit through your answered prayers
To go and comfort the pains of Leah.

To you little Leah!
Stand firm and dare not shift.
Make more noise from your Heavenly melodies.
Show strong strength from your weak body.
And teach your heathen captors once and for all
That you can comfort your pains.

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