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Half–Broken Chains By Uketui Anthony

POSTED 02/04/2018 15:22
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Shafts, nuts and bolts,
Cozy brawls,
Knives to our throats,
Home places turned to stalls,
Shredded cloaks and torn clothes,
We served as slaves, and acted like dolls
Drinking and eating nothing but water and oats,
With our swollen fingers we mopped their halls,
From stalls we became residents of boats,
Ringtones heard, death calls,

Holes, poles and screws,
We were running out of luck,
Of course that was bad news,
Slaves we became to hearts made of rock,
With our lives, they made bets and deals
Whispers and mutters, we were under key and lock,
Their talks and mummers sent down spine chills,
These stern-looking men instilled fear and shock,
Blocks, rods and bricks,
Our story was now being told in past tense,
We became chicks with broken beaks,
With disdain we lived in pretense
With joy, our tears slowly formed into creeks,
We needed freedom, we needed independence,
Cracked and fractured, our minds had holes and leaks,
For those stern-looking men, death should be their penance,
This was our prayer point right from twelve to six,
Our story became history’s lens,
From rods we became sticks,
“Black is dark” this was our uttering sentence,
Our color became our jinx,
We became low-headed, we couldn’t prance,
Due to fear that history would repeat itself, we couldn’t mix,
We were either called dumb or dense,
We received fatal blows and kicks,
All because of color whites absence,

Muddy dirt’s, brown
Deep muddy holes,
Half-filled with the peoples frown,
The other half, with Blunt goals,
Our leader wore a thorn crown
Fulfilling Null roles,
We became mockery’s victim,
I could feel their jokes steam
Wanting us to be white coals
They plan on making us less than a town,
They plunge us with spearheaded poles,
Piercing through our bodies, minds and souls,
Believing us to be nothing but scary trolls

Florescence, bulbs and light,
Brightening hope,
Strengthening might,
We became a coated rope,
We could soar higher than a kite,
Most of all, we could cope
At least we had a right,
We won’t just sit and mope,
We had to end our fright,
Disposing our fears in an envelope,
We had to win this fight
Not by hiding or by trying to lope
But by first achieving our foresight,

Ooh yee justice prevail
Tunnel lights,
Null white bites
Gleeful sights
Joyous nights
Soaring heights
Regardful human rights
Ooh ye justice hide not your face with a veil,

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