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The Tenth Capricorni (A Christmas Chant) By N.N Emmanuels

POSTED 12/26/2017 09:22
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"On that day Heaven will fall
And the sun shall shed red
And that day is here" says the dead loner!

Out of void; out of everything;
A veteran rode through lower angels
Of the Tree of sands, ashes and...
Grew wings o'er The Ball of Ice.

As crawling ants to anthills above
We seek for refuge under the plumose:
Drawing traces on the living clay
To unify our blood & spirit with water.

The world was on a search for Truth
And when The Unbreakable force came
At the brink of time before time,
The world withered its leaflets of Satan’s cloth.

So The Tenth House full of flowing hearts
Would bore many Capricorns for The One
"Who was and is to come on that day"
For He would pour red-white wine on Santa's Cruise.

Holiness in octave!
A king and His Hamlet fought Hades;
The keeper of Dante's cooking pot.
Holding hands as They walked down the Heaven's Aisle.

"Scorpions would lose their stings and become earthworms"
Like how Darkness dwell in the hole of Nsibidi.
The Hole extinct between Tartarus & Stylx
Held the key to the door behind death.

Chant Hosanna to the Maker of life
Who was stung by virgin flies,
Whom brains fell on the Right Hand
That molded The Sacred Book of Life.

Our Hearts had woven feeble traits.
Where was the Strong when the weak persevered?
Along the sunshine that bristle our black hair.
A man as a symbol of his entire self.

Lilith swallowed stones into its belly
Thinkin' the Divine Creature was lost
But deep down the magi was saved,
The Tenth Capricorni whose skin soothe sunrays.


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