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Butterfly By Olabisi Abiodun Akinwale

POSTED 02/11/2018 18:55
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You're the sermon in the throat of a bird
Coursing through the sky of a girl
Sinking into the heavens with wet skin
And of another girl with sorcery tales on her tongue
Of a life broken- even with wings to fly
Teaching them the art of proverbial redemption
With ecclesiastical songs of Solomon

You're the shadow, bending before the reflection
Of a woman, whose smile is a rotten flower
Growing on pimpled and un-dimpled faces
And of another woman carrying hell on her head
To places where death lives in sand and water
Showing them how to hide behind mirages
And skate on storms dripping from g(G)od's wrath

You're the dream in a mother's sleep
Cuddling broken tales in her daughter's vein
Tales of how she became a dog – overnight
To men living their lust(s) and desires
You're the seed growing in the stomach
Of sweet memories- like that of lovers
Falling and rising in the notes of their own music

You're the piece of God from the shards of Lucifer
When thrown from the heavens- out of creation
You hold the death in a boy's throat
With a tittle of living rainbows
Ascending and descending in the praises of angels

You're the masterpiece behind proverbs 31
Behind every tale that ends with- 'together forever'

You're the butterfly – the face with colourful radiance
Breaking boundaries between light and darkness
Steaming charity out of a rejected tree

You're the butterfly – the rhythms of love-ful art
Dancing to the beats of lover's heartbeat
Plaiting their skies with songs like- 'Iyawo mi', 'Orente' and 'Made for you'

You're the butterfly, relaying in my stomach
With poetry and music – till I become a whole of you


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