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B R T Overload By Daniel Ajayi

POSTED 07/08/2018 19:27
1497 Reads B R T Overload By Daniel Ajayi, Poetry on Tushstories
From the scout of Ikeja
to the emblem of Agege
along on a cheaper stake
The country buoyant men of Nigeria
now advance, to steal chances of opportunities
and lean on body that’s not theirs
for they are desperate in need of cure
to reach the destination of TOGATE

In the midst of hired killers
The innocent tried to be a good killer
the struggle for a lift would be mistaken for smuggle
Hustling on the smiling sun of the southern corner
Body sweat was spoken on a soaking array like pump gushing water in anger
Fresh odor, ghost scent, it was like the market in ABA
But I wouldn’t complain until my hands hit dirt
And my soul affected with waste from den

Female forgot their civility
Male denied their uprightness
Strangest body odor, not the same groovy figure,
as the bus overloaded with drifting souls who wants to go home
Traffic hoot the battling anxiety of moving forward in
sharp corners, milky concentrated breast knows fast tracking touch
and the body dodges, not to be harm by hormones evolving from the air
so strong, deep, it becomes shy in the crowd
when would all this come to a halt ___ panicking under the sun

Talk about element standing on wayside, croft steel not to fall
and voices from a desperate society, buying and selling in mixed understanding
in a depressing manner, I knew some lack manner
Managing the little room given from my small change
What of the old who would not know pity and the young whom pride raid on
No as if we were riding on Rovos rail
tell me about the unwilling souls who did it, just to make a shift
and the cashless who saw it as a kit of live hood

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