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Broken Thoughts By Okeke Echezona Fhagzy

POSTED 06/28/2018 14:13
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Let out the smokes under your skin
To be free from heat wrecking your body
Day after day.
I recite these words with
A bible of four faces like cardinals.
My sister jumped into a man's life and becomes a bird flying for freedom,
She would come back a dust that holds the origin of man.
God’s children are waters that give life,
They keep silent to purify every fish
Like you keeping memories for broken homes; broken streets.
Maybe father had drawn brown petals on our feet
That’s why we strive to be gods,
To sit and be bowed at
At every altar.
whenever I close my eyes,
I see men running into their bones for safe,
Maybe they held pictures of death on their mind.
Today, I cooked fears in rotten pot waiting till it’s dark
To recite those words
That live on trees.
I'll stand before them as a preacher going through pictures of dead memories To smile at the rooms I left barefooted:
That is how to live in the past.

The interpreter

They said some men were fed from their nose
With guilty breathes.
That our river shall later become ware houses
Where our daughters find their perfect lovers.
This is how it all began,
They made our homes, the traveller's place of rest,
Where they're fed with water filled with the strenght of Idemili.
Under my roof was where mother hung my soul
To avoid loving a girl at younger age.
But this day sucked out a memory from my lung,
At a trip to Enugu, where bicycle were like the sands
Of Sahara.
There I saw the woman that sings everyday on my throat,
She has the heart of my mother "Ideoto".
Every night, I do sip to the palm wine I got from
My backyard, and pick from a plate of the oil bean,
Go out and fight with gods,
Make sure you come back with hands stained by oil stretch marks".
As mother would always tell.
Beleive me, her name was "Ada".
The name of my fore-mother, "Ada Igbo Nile".
But I remember, mother told me to marry an "Ada"
I do wonder why my life is sorrounded with "Adas'"
Father told me to call him "Ojoto" and forget other names.
Mother would say "every afternoon is the lamp of the day",
I do not keep my doubt spirit on my tongue.
But afternoon is the heartbeat of dawn,
Father replied having his face against the news paper.
Now, I've learnt how to make decisions,
Without asking about the origin of mistakes,
I'm on my way, I'm coming.

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