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Boys Hostel By Uketui Anthony

POSTED 03/08/2018 13:55
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Noises and distinct chatters,
Baseless arguments and disjoint banter,
Steamy walls and heated ceilings,
Floating words, and crouching gestures,
Advices thrown, quotes caught,
Insults absorbed, reactions emitted,
No exact time, both nighttime and daytime,
Violence introduced, fights separated,
Sometimes left, lucid and transparent bloodstains left,
Avoided arguments becomes postponed,
Christians present, pagans present,
Observed flaws, noticed blurs,
Hazy scenarios, scary scenes,
Faded paints and cracked up blocks,
Barges made, charges made,
Plastics seen, silver seen,
Heated plates, steamy flames,
Wooden sticks and utensils,
Experienced cooks, and chefs
Hostel brooded ones,
Sweaty bodies, sandy legs,
Injuries left, fitness made
Injuries left, fun time made,
Evening, the duration,
Audiences and congregations,
Cheers and boos,
Joyous gatherings and meetings,
Pleasant chats and greetings,
Our lifestyle, appealing and interesting,
Close friends turned family
Water turned into wine,
Born to hustle and bustle,
We became sons, emerged as fathers,
Sometimes grandparents before joining the soil
Different personalities,
Different talents and abilities,
All viewed and discovered in one setting,
Jungle life filled with strife,
Survivors groomed, life time ones
Levels passed, stages passed,
All pros and cons analyzed,
Life survival was finalized,
Boys and struggles,
Men and hustles,
Bonds formed, grips tightened,
Fun times observed, chats about girls
Mischief and humor brings chuckles, to others its void,
Ripped and port-belied men seen,
Tall and slender, fat and short,
We were still who we were,
We were residents of jungles,
We are residents of hostels,

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