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Blind By Uwen Precious

POSTED 02/07/2018 13:22
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You know you're in love when
their presence, you find hard to
behold; your soul squats and
your legs feel the weightage of
blood streams glued to your

You know you're in love when
he stares straight into your eyes
and he subconsciously holds
your arms – that warmness you
feel, and your baby-like nature
comes alive again.

You know you're in love when
the salty streams that cruises
right down your face, becomes
juice for him; as he licks it, his
belly sprouts in satisfaction.

You know you're in love when
your back becomes rocky, as
she leans forth for a kiss;
Her stare
Her flare,
into your pot mouth;
Saliva's truce
Lips glued.
Ooze, of soul-like choice.

You know you're in love,
when your heart races
distantly, yet your body stands
solely; your spirit guns out, and
your soul rushes to feel their
warmth right before the bodies

You know you're in love when
your gums move to speak
before your mouth does; when
you open, words comes out

You know you’re in love
When you become their
interest -
Even in your distress,
Wouldn't be a resistance,
Distance isn't deterrence,
Will never be a medium for ‘em
to swing you off.
You know you're in love when
they make this month feel so
special and exceptional for you;
No forges
No fakes -
Just comfort, instilled care and
They'd make you “blind” to
hate, lost and despair

Love is sacred
Don't cover its true meaning
with a blanket.

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