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Bethel By Uketui Anthony

POSTED 08/22/2018 13:13
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Ash colored, not her complexion, her clothing,
Not too short, a little bit skimpy, exposing her cool pair of legs,
Her skin from mere sight seems to have been subject to excess molting,
I’ve written poems about her, this ain’t my first, maybe ninth,
She was my first crush, and wished she’ll be my first date,
This might sound lame, but she actually quenches thirst, at least mine
If a prey, she’s definitely the right choice for bait,
I’m a fan of Korean movies, not the typical guy right?
Attended a single sex school right, maybe little tendencies,
But try hearing my thoughts about Bethel or reading my poems on her,
Then you’ll discover I ain’t that stuff,
I had my feelings bottled up with a leak on my keyboard, and notepad,
Bled through my fingers, when in pain,
When a mile away, I felt nervous, not really shy, but nervous,
Maybe it’s in my blood, a crushing loner,
I really needed a ticket, a flight pass,
Even if not a first class, I just needed a flight,
But I fret you won’t grant me that, so I crash in fright,
No fire, no explosion just heartaches,
I could commit murder, for you, just joking,
I really worked out a lot,
Not the muscles or whatever just patience,
Shed tears that filled empty cups
Maybe the alarm was yet to ring,
Letting myself think I wasn’t in fantasy,
No I’ll make sure it’s not surreal.
I have it planned already,
Your favorite restaurant, I, wearing my favorite deodorant,
A table set, no wine just plain water, and bars of chocolates, especially sneakers,
Then I, romantic right?

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