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Benue By Olabisi Abiodun Akinwale

POSTED 01/12/2018 11:25
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The water behind our eyes
Are now those things that flows from a woman's legs
Those things that holds sad songs in a boy's throat
In rooms filled with the flames of his father's memories
Those things that transform men to broken ships
With eyes swollen from the effect of splatted bloods and bodies

A line slipped from a woman's tongue
I read them and became a dirge
Her son was one of those boys
Who stretched into the heavens in spirited form
Boys who became blind obituaries on every wall
Holding the silence on breathless faces and the quietness in rooms filled with the carbon dioxides of mourners
God is not dead neither are his eyes blind
Last night, He welcomed home some of your shadows
And the reflections of your husbands, wives and children – who went with the massacre
I could smell the blood, dripping from his nose – he bleeds too
I could see the pains in his eyes – he cries too
I could hear the sadness in his voice – I knew he was broken

Carve a face out of the cloud
Wear them as complexions on your skin
Arraign your grieves in a coffin
Bury them six feet away from your eyes
Dry the scenes of those dead cells in your head
With the sun, rising from your eastern scars

We die differently – this is one of them

Fill the holes in your heart with this poem
Write them on the tablet of your tears
In times like this, we hide our voices behind songs
Songs where God lives in times of war
In times like this, we count our grieves with unbroken numbers

Heal! Heal! Heal! Benue heal!!!!!!

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