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Beautiful Life Of Jackie By Adetayo Omotoyosi DarkPoet

POSTED 06/21/2018 13:43
1513 Reads Beautiful Life Of Jackie By Adetayo Omotoyosi DarkPoet, Poetry on Tushstories
On a typical Eke market day,
Market women arranged their goods;
In a sequential way.
Hawkers trade their goods,
Like prostitutes who trades their legs for cash!

A well garnished horse just arrived,
In the midst of a melee van,
It was adorned a nomenclature called "Jackie."
Jackie’s stomach was drawn opened
By the mighty sword of the slaughter man.

The prospective buyers; mostly women,
Surrounded the area,
As if it was a female economy.
The onlookers converged in their hundreds,
Trying to catch a glimpse of the jungle justice,
Meted out to Jackie,
And also bid farewell to a great gem!

There I was in the milieu,
It coincides with the popular Eke market day,
As I walked briskly without my shoes on,
Like a thief that just stole condoms!
I saw hefty guys offloading bags of Garri,
Joyous buyers gathered in their lines
When they learnt the price of Garri just dwindled in sharp decline.

You and Restless ladies,
Defecate the air with heavy perfumes,
As if it was their last day on earth.
They wriggled and wiggled in joy
To the sweet melody oozing out
From the DJ’s speakers.

Shots on Shots of palm wine
Grabbed the wise ones mind,
As they reminisce on their youthful dine,
Telling tales of twilight,v Of how they wine to the waist of village girls,
Most time in the state of drunkenness,
What a mess!

I met a sage
Who doubles as a dotard,
I grumbled in silence,
He spoke quintessential English language,
As if he was a don of English language.

He recalls a bitter-sweet experience,
One that relegate common sense,
Of how his families use the free gift of nature; herbs and juju,
To destroy his bright future,
I dropped dead in silence,
Where do we go from here?

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