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Bail Is Free By Obiene Solomon

POSTED 05/17/2018 12:43
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Dem say when the suya too sweet
you go read the newspaper
E get as power take deh sweet
E shack head pass star and Gulder
Small thing olokpa fit drop the harmless
Highest na 'accidental discharge'
E no hard dem to release bullet
Come still nack you three count charge
Welcome on board
Here, law na dirty water
Only poor man deh face am
Cos him no fit buy table water
Government no fit protect you
Unless you be chairman son
Constitution no fit blanket you
You gats design your own sun
To survive, it is each man a riffle
Like malam a kettle
The survival code is simple;
Na man-know-man
E deh everywhere, even inside Bible
Shey na Esther help Mordecai defeat Harman?
Democracy only serves the rich
Talk anyhow, dem go say 'hate-speech'
Talk again, you go end like Saro-Wi
We don burry public opinion
Na so the matter be
Na government deh define crime
When you come this side
Knowing your right self is so not right
To cut the story short
Old men been sing one song
Person weh carry tray of egg
Say make him use him head
If you dance anyhow,
Gorillas go break your head
Welcome on board
Here, My people koko with oil
While others deh gather the coin
Just think about the polluting
And using the land, and refusing
To pop in a few things...
You no lie at all, M.I Abaga
"Government for the people" na big scam
Just one fancy agbada
Since dem don forget us
We try to make ends meet
we put eye for bunkery
JTF say dem must arrest us
Come call am illegal refinery
We gats defend ourselves still
So we begin do avengers things
Last last, we drop walking stick
Since amnesty na bia
We still deh wait for their promises
Soteh we grow Ojukwu bia-bia
Just forget dividends of democracy
Here na one kind country
Assembly na drama
5k self senior PVC
Try enter olokpa hand,
You go know say "bail is free"
Anyhow the matter be sha
one day naija go stand like prick
Things go still better sha
Even if olokpa don turn krikoli
I believe say fuel go still cheap sha
Even if e take eternity
Soon dem no go owe teachers salary
Swali traders no go deh pay BIG levies
This promise weh I deh make
E be like second coming
But make your mind no shake
In case water pass garri
Just follow me enjoy this dream
Perhaps on your cradle bed
Or when we swim six feet...


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