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Bad Luck By Uketui Anthony

POSTED 03/06/2018 10:45
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Thresholds of pain,
Served trays of stress,
Pictures taken, shame felt,
Loose threads of trust,
Frayed fabrics of friendship,
Once hardened now brittle,
Paths crossed, speech failed,
Mixed feelings, dejection and rejection,
My clothes soaked with waterfalls,
Swollen eyelids and reddened sclera’s,
The soil seemed to call me,
I became a victim of rejection and dejection,
A groom to shame,
I questioned creation and doubted friendship,
My riches lost, friendship worn out,
I was labelled a loser, tagged bad luck,
My whole life seemed to suck,
Pricked with daily thorns,
I was met with premeditated burns,
Was I the 2nd messiah? I pondered,
My sufferings seemed so abnormal and unreal,
I’ve tried whispers but my tongue suffered,
My only strength, my writing,
With battered fingers and meta-carpals,
With disdain I write this,
My dog-eared notes suffered from blood stains,
Enclosed in pain,
Caged with my weaknesses and fears,
I nearly drowned from my tears,
Life seemed to play a joke on me,
Fervent prayers made to join my ancestors,
Death seemed not to answer,
I had boarded the wrong plane,
I was encircled around pain and shame,
My pain so wild, it’s difficult to tame,
Crosses, thorns and burns were my description,
Death was my prescription, threshold of pain,
Served trays of stress,
Loose threads of stress,
Frayed fabrics of friendship,
Mixed feelings dejection and rejection,
Crosses thorns and burns were my description,
I was labelled a loser and tagged bad luck,

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