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Away From Bedlam By Solomon Sabastine

POSTED 02/10/2018 15:42
2397 Reads Away From Bedlam By Solomon Sabastine, Poetry on Tushstories
If you seek me in the marketplace of life
and find me not,
Know that I have had my fill
of life's treacherous economy
And the worthless commodity(ies)
that it offers.
Help me tell the 'masters of commerce'
that I have foreseen a shift in demand,
Remind them,
That life is a hungry, wild beast
that satisfaction alone cannot tame.
Tell them,
That I am away to seek that
which cannot be bought.

If by sunset I tarry to return home,
If you sought after me under the green
Olive tree and find me not,
Tell Màámi,
That I am away, on an errand for destiny.
Tell her not to cry;
For I carry the weight of home
in my old pouch that she made for me.
Tell her,
That all her words are written
in the lines of my left palm -
Should life throw hunger at me,
I would make food of it.

If I stand absent
From the beautiful riverbank of life;
away from the sweet waters of juvenile,
Tell my friends,
That I long no more
for the sweetness of the tongue,
For such is prone to dust
that comes with time.
Tell them,
That I crave the sweetness of freedom
that only the mind's tongue can savour.
For I have outgrown my own experience
And now I am away,
to have a lasting conversation with peace.

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