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Art Speaks Spanish By Ibeanu Chima Michael

POSTED 03/19/2018 16:35
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First time I saw it I was stunned, it was disturbingly ravishing.
I was just a little boy but I saw the world differently.
I felt something, perhaps love, perhaps infatuation,
Either way it took the larger half of my imagination.
In that moment I went into a deep trance, a sweet trance,
But it only lasted for a few seconds and I wanted more of it.
I was determined to find it, that, I was certain.
Understanding it was a light relieving burden,
I tried a different method, I tried a different approach,
It was really difficult but I liked it so I endured.
My practice was moving away from perfection, yet it was my obsession.
Countless hours just to get that feeling to stay,
Wavy pencil strokes I erased but didn’t go away.
To me it was worth it, the thought of what I saw made me happy.
But soon weeks grew into years.
I was a teenager still living on my childhood memory,
A memory which was beginning to fade.
I had to grow up, I had to forget about it.
I tried to make myself believe that I never saw it.

I was at the age where what I chose to do determined my future.
Years passed but I couldn’t find somewhere to place myself.
I thought I wasn’t good at anything, I thought I was a waste,
Then I saw it again, this time was more ravishing than before.
The moment was glorious when it revealed itself to me.
I realized it wasn’t an ‘it’ but a ‘she’.
I realized she spoke a different language, a language I had to learn.
She said to me “soy arte, mi rey”.
That was the moment I started living;
My strokes became perfect,
My pencil became an extension of my hand,
The hand I use to touch her, to feel her immaculate body.
When I’m with her, the world becomes silent
And somehow it made me get a better view.
When I’m with her, the world turns black and white,
Yet her favorite color is blue.
She told me about great artists like Da Vinci and Pablo Picasso,
Artist who tried but still didn’t understand her.
I was sure it wasn’t just infatuation but love

I pick up my pencil and say “bailer conmigo , mi amor”
She holds my hand and says “Te amo”,
And we dance tirelessly for hours to the tunes from my headphones.
With her I never get bored, she makes me the one in control,
Being with her is the only thing that calms my soul.
Art is my lady and she speaks Spanish.

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