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Arise O What? By Uketui Anthony

POSTED 08/08/2018 14:33
1369 Reads Arise O What? By Uketui Anthony, Poetry on Tushstories
Arise o what?
Paisano, nope I’m not,
And I’ll remain to be until things go north,
Not to the cowards who aver to be cow wards,
I’m weary of hearing pledges on assemblage grounds,
Aggravated of seeing hands in bondage, while hearing untrue sounds,
Yeah, this is Nigeria,
No emblem, no flag just a piece of colored rag,
With nothing at all we wildly brag,
No legit means of coming in, I mean, income,
We sail on our hardship, used for …. Neglecting the cows and sheep,
Blood inked manifestos, real honest politicians,
Great amounts missing, animals liable, evolved magicians,
Who are the giants of Africa? Nigeria, correct,
Yet shrinkages occur in our economy as if flaccid,
Were certainly dwarfs in development that’s clearly lucid,
Maybe it’s our pituitary gland, just maybe,
Damn peace, damn agriculture, I’m no baby,
Frayed white, faded green, mere color?
Tinted rules, closed bonnet, open boots,
Purely reverse, no obverse, wide foots,
Get better, hmm, maybe in a century, or crores years,
There surely will be a bronze lining; nice fantasy,
Fluid down the cheeks, steamy tears,
We shall get better, nice hope, wrong logic, pure fallacy,
This is Nigeria.

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