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Portraits of culture
Pictures of custom
Lustrous artistic nature of men
Gotten from generations unknown
Held tenaciously with pride
A heritage transcending through generations
Actions borne out of tails of creation
Righting the supposedly wrong impressions
It’s our Culture!

In the archives it is seen
The dirty mud house breathe of it
And the dusty pan has its say
A drama we became part of not by choice but by birth and rebirth
Reincarnations of souls departed and the young dead
A mystery we all believed in
The green lines of the wizards in the day
And the red lines of the witches at night
The golden brain of the aged
Emitting pools of wisdom for the young
It’s our Tradition!

In black and white portrait it is painted
That my mother became a wife to my uncle
And my sister married my fiancée
My brother became my step father
And the girl child deprived education
My king buried with human heads
And our virgins married the gods
My six year old given out in marriage
And even I betrothed before my birth
My words were woods burnt to ashes
And my opinions out the census
Yet I held it with pride
My children unborn already agreed
It’s a custom we must keep!

It hurts so badly but that’s not the fault
If it’s good for one then it’s good for all
That Gandoki nature of men
Accepted to be the spice of our heritage
If I’m married to one then am done for life
My number in his line of wives is not my worry
I’m obliged to submit at the cost of my life
Worry becomes the killer for I have my function
The bedding kitchen and farmland
Trespassing is trouble-seeking
I would wish to die in peace so I’m humble
It’s my culture after all
My pride, my heritage living in the archives forever!

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