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A Bye To Regret By Ndifreke George

POSTED 09/23/2018 15:47
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Happiness is on the faces of children—
when their hearts are still safe
and covered with the hymen of naivety.
When their worries and pains
are saddled on mums and dads.

Laughs are permitted as loud
as thunder rumbles in winter,
and smiles can drag those lips
to befriend the ears.

Happiness is on the faces of children
wrapped in the hollow of guiltless ignorance
when they have not yet tasted
the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden—
the tree of the knowledge of evil and good.

Dancing in the rain,
appreciating tears and laughter at par.
When life is about seeing others
as happy as themselves.

Happiness lives on the faces of children,
running about in the garment of nudity,
until maturity seduces them away
with a gift of apron to cover their nakedness
and their hearts are baptized into evil proclivities.

Then, a taste of hatred,
a spice of pain,
and thoughts of envy,
make them all guilty of life.

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