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A Bye Full Of Sighs By Agatha Johnson

POSTED 09/28/2018 12:57
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They say time heals
But each passing time kills
As every day, I loose zeal
For you left me on this hill
It’s not about the bill
Coz I've got the ground to till

You left without a bye
Not that I would have it buy
I bet you had sigh
When you knew you were leaving her to another guy
You had plans that were fine
But you had not pay any price
If you had paid the fine
Maybe you would had a prize

But you never saw it coming
And never did anyone
Coz I bet there would have been someone
Who would have found you becoming
To take your place
No matter death's blaze

You were your mother's happiness
Your siblings’ joy
Your nieces' comedian
Your nephews' musician
Your cousins’ paddy
Your colleagues’ motivation
But to one person you were all these
From that person who never spoke to you in that year
Who never heard from you except a birthday wish on her sisters' day
Who never knew what life turn out for you over there
From that person who prayed it was a prank
Who wished for another chance
But couldn't find one
Whose daily life has been unavoidably full of your thoughts
Here is a bye
One full of sighs
Rest well Sexie
Sleep well Bebie
I hope you find peace over there
I Miss and Love you SexieBebie

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