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The Roles Of Young Nigerians In Contemporary Democratic Politics By Martins Deep

POSTED 07/22/2018 18:23:30
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The democratic political arena of Nigeria has been characterized by countless twists and turns in its attempt at nation building since being handed over the rein of power from the military. Political parties, pressure groups, social media and even passed bills in the House Of Assemblies with the recent among them being the hash-tagged 'not too young to run' bill have sprung up with plausible momentum. The political arena has experienced drama that has called for international attention as well as interventions. Contemporary democratic politics is inarguably an offshoot from both satisfactory and unsatisfactory administrations voted into office by the masses.
This scene has been graced by the voices of enlightened Nigerians awaking the youths like a metaphorical young lion from sleep to stand for its endangered pride. Youth, by scholarly insight of Kailash Satyarthi has it well defined that "...the common wealth for the entire world. The faces of the young people are the faces of the past, our present and our future. No segment in society can match with the power, idealism, enthusiasm, and courage of the young people."
Age-long emphasis on youth and the bounties it holds for a society that will harness its potentials can never be downplayed by a system that cries out for a change. Young people are innovative, and vibrant.
They are not just the majority of the Nigerian populace but are key essentials for national development and transformation, exercising competence, creativity, enlightenment, as well as integrity. The roles of the young Nigerian in democratic politics readily speak of the means to an end. An end which includes restoring the nation's national identity, building the economy creatively, and a heap of others. With youth, the questions of whether change is possible in our day and time can be answered.
Diogenes states insightfully that, "the foundation of every Nigerian state is the education of its youth. Every educational system has in its core objective a sense of shaping the destiny of enrolled candidates and bringing them into the realm of true leadership. The youth must be willing to be educated. He must realize the power of such structures like the furnace heat that births the value of gold. It is thus imperative that willingness to be educated must be drilled on the ground of alibi to be shaped into the awaited hero.
To add, the role of young Nigerians is to imbibe a consciousness of duty on the state of the nation as where it stands is a shadow compared to its beauty dreamt by our democratic heroes past.
Ignorance on the positive possibilities has recorded evils that the nation will never recover from. The recent Biafran movement championed by Nnamdi Kanu, the Boko Haram terrorist group are examples of movements that proved the power of imbibing consciousness although negatively. A consciousness that is diligent to provide a lasting cure on the cancerous modus operandi that has eaten the nation. It is not far from the truth that the 'better Nigeria' lies in the quality of their healthy mental disposition.
Young Nigerians must not shy away from aspiring political offices whichever the constitution provides. Its is on the other hand the role of the Nigerian youth also to join in strengthening the 'Not Too Young To Run' bill sponsored by Rep. Tony Nwolu in its patriotic aim at reducing age qualifications for the office of president, governor, senate etc. Myths surrounding contemporary democratic politics must not stand in the way of the true change Nigeria deserves. The way admittedly, is not without hurdles. The youth in contemporary democratic politics must be courageous enough to refuse offers against the peace of conscience and oath of office.
There is no bounds on the possibilities embedded in the young Nigerian armed with vision. With his or her roles fully understood and embraced, politics can be given a new name and democracy a face worth flaunting in the eyes of the world ever watching for admirable strides.

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