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To My Unborn Child By Adetayo Omotoyosi

POSTED 07/02/2018 13:33:30
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Dear Obianuju and Wemimo, I know you really want to come into this world, but I don't want you to suffer for my wrongs. I see friends having fun, from having fun they are done, I don't want it to be my turn.
See I am trying to build a life for you and the woman I will call my wife. I know someday I will be a daddy, I’m sure by then mama will be ready. I will be a man and I will be fine and like a father to a son, I will be fine.
Dear Obianuju, you are a girl do not join the class of slayqueens, you should make sure you slay academically, financially, morally, mentally and spiritually.
Do not sell your body to any man, respect your body as a temple of God. There is still pride in virginity, free your mind from those charlatans who sees virginity as nothing but old and not to be cherished virtue.
Dear Obianuju, I promise to get you a good mother, the one that will bring you up in a Godly way. The mother that will grow you spiritually and teach you all you need to know about your creator.
Dear Obianuju, discard anything that has to do with tribalism and ethnicity, see every other individual the way you see yourself. I have been a victim of tribalism, do away with that. Treat every other person you meet based on the content of their character and not where they come from. Settle down and build a family with the man you understand very well, don't be a housewife , be a career woman, do not join all those feminist people.
Dear Obianuju, my last word to you is that if everyone can reach one, then everyone can teach one, what a beautiful country Nigeria would be.
Dear Obianuju, I did not give you a Yoruba name because I married from another tribe - IGBO if you remembered, I told you to do way with tribalism.
Dear Wemimo, the man of the house, I hope you will not spoil my name but make them clean just like your name?
Please always treat the female gender with respect and love, under no circumstances should you lay your hands on them. If you have feelings for any of them, express yourself to them, if they accept, FINE, if not, MOVE ON. Do not force yourself on them, I am not a rapist so I expect you also to stay away from raping.
Dear Wemimo, education is the best legacy, take your education very seriously. Do not rely on just certificate, create time to develop yourself. Adapt yourself to every new change in the world, learn all the skills you can learn, embrace knowledge, learning never ends.
The place of God in your life is so important, however make sure you have a personal encounter with your creator. Do not let all these God-Of-Men that call themselves Men-Of-God deceive you, use your instinct to discern the true ones among them.
Dear Wemimo, you might not be strict like me, but do not let people take advantage of you, be like me who like to observe people in a quite manner. I am a philosopher and I can tell you that patience is everything. Sometimes things will be tough, sometimes it will be smooth, you must keep moving, have confidence in yourself, never let people belittle you or put you down.
Lastly, Dear Wemimo, prepare yourself for the future and marriage, work towards perfecting your life and your marriage. As a rule I followed, marry only one wife, do not exceed that. I wish you grace to solve problems, surmount challenges and be a conqueror. You are the greatest my DEAR SON WEMIMO.

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