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The Credible Elections In Ekiti State By Chifumnanya Leonard Uyanwanne

POSTED 07/20/2018 19:33:30
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A couple of international and domestic election observers are of the opinion that the Ekiti State gubernatorial election conducted on July 14 was short of global electoral standards and best practices. What a shocker! considering Nigeria is very well known for conducting credible elections. The only time Nigeria failed to have a credible election was 1993 and M.K.O. Abiola died as a result. Do we want that kind of blood in our hands again?

According to the report, the observers were “shocked”. I wonder why and for whatever reason that may be; it most certainly isn’t because the election was not credible, because it was by every standard. There was nothing wrong with that election.

Let’s start with the obvious one. The cash for vote operation carried out so well even BBC had to cover it. Instead of shaming the good people of Ekiti state, the people that covered those footages ended up showing the world how selfless the Ekiti indigenes were. They accepted N4,000 naira per person when a life size goat costs N10,000.

Then there was the case of ballot boxes being snatched. How are we supposed to know an election held if there are no recorded cases of ballot box snatching? The only time a ballot box doesn’t get snatched at polling booths is when the election is taking place in our respective parlours, on TV, while watching the United States’ elections.

People who complained of sporadic shootings are very heartless. The one time Nigerian police men get to test their guns once every four years and you say they should not take it. Firing warning shots is their job.
Killing innocent people in the process is their civic duty. Expect them to do the right thing by denying playing any part in it. Then, they will promise to train the children of the deceased till University level. Then, keep to that promise by abandoning the kids’ next term school fees for KG 1.

The forceful influence of electorates’ free will is the reason for the close run in this election. Allowing thousands of people who came with the mindset of “Fayose vs Fayemi” would have led to so many confusions. Fayose’s name was everywhere but the ballot paper while the actual PDP governorship candidate – Mr. nobody knows your name and nobody cares – was last seen on social media with the words “happy new year” on January 1, 2018.

The observers also said the July 14 election cannot be used as a template for next year’s general elections since it was way short of global electoral standards.

Okay don’t worry we will not recommend the template for the forthcoming 2019 general elections. If peradventure the template happens in 2019, I promise you observers that we will make sure it doesn’t happen in 2023 and should it by chance do, I swear to God, 2027 elections will never ever be marred by such evil. There is no chance of it happening in 2031 at all since Nigeria will not exist by then.

The report ended by saying the Security agents were indifferent to cash inducement of voters.
How dare they? Why didn’t they join in collecting their own share?

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