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Technology By Wisdom Ahamefula

POSTED 11/28/2017 13:34:30
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Technology... a term known by pronunciation but only a few put it into consideration. For the science inclined, it is the future and for the ignorant, it's the savior from stress.
By the attempt of having a closer look on this word, it seems to be a call on machines to the human world to handle the affairs of man which during the early days of this change, it was heaven on earth but in recent times, few are being battered by it.
Some have theirs in cases of unemployment while others in intellectual incapability and attitudinal degrade. Truly, technology is knowledge made tangible and effective which shouldn't be sabotaged by words because it’s got supersonic abilities so to speak.
While majority get graced by the birth of technology, the art inclined asks "Do we have a future?" because in the past decades when men did the currency count in banks, livelihood was earned by that means but ever since the emergence of counter machines, life depreciated.
This article is not an outcry against modernization neither should it be the reason for the work of change to come to an end because change remains a constant factor. Rather, it’s a piece with the advertisement of this unanswered question - Do the art inclined have a future?
Technology is up to relieve and so much more and in respect to its embrace, workload and hard work is now minimal. With its advantages, life gets better no doubt but do we see the demerits of it as things we can cope with?
Because while laborers are gifted with mechanized implements that boost their working prowess, the postman loses his job for life and the teachers have their hearts in hand as to well, the fact that ever since technology intervened, there have been drastic change and as a matter of fact, in three decades or so to come, their services might as well not be needed cause the world must have given Kola-nuts to e-learning and other academic transformations probably, a talking projector.
It now becomes good news to the technology affected that while technology is aimed at taking over the world, their days in the world is numbered because in thought, the motion that 'in as much as technology is considered, the renowned Chike Obi's grandchild becomes a better while the anonymous Folaji's daughter is a dyscalculia; the reason being that calculators are now more effective than the brains of man... It saddens.
Technology even with no man's opinion, is the way forward and for the world to be a fairer and better place to live in instead of the utopia or dystopia we think it to be, Humans should keep being humans as they leave machines as machines. It's an obvious truth that not all will sustain good life because not everyone is willing to adjust.
Till the end of time, the society will still maintain its class so, instead of seeing competition, we should seek collaboration because there already is light in the world and it will be unfortunate that rather than having hands on deck, we have technophobes in this era who forget that the world is moved by tangible transformations not fantasies.

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