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Pursuing Your Vision By Ruth Lawrence

POSTED 03/20/2018 14:53:30
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In spite of our differences in gender, tribes, likes and dislikes, every man has a vision, and our vision in most cases tells what our future will look like, if we are likely to progress or not, our vision otherwise our dreams curtails the great person we want to be. A man without a vision is a man without a dream, a man without a dream is a man without a future and a man without a future is not better than a toddler, in order words vision is like a light that direct us on what to do.
According to Oxford Advanced Leaners Dictionary, Vision is the ability to think about or plan the future with great imagination and intelligence, in order words vision can be seen as seeing great things that you are not and acting towards it in order to visualize it. In accordance to Oxfords definition of vision, vision has to do with great imagination and intelligence that means a vision without great imagination and intelligence coupled with actions is just a mere dream.


Have you ever ask yourself why some persons at the first stage of their lives, they seem to have great vision and they act towards it with great enthusiasm, but as time goes on they seem to get bored and tired, along the way they even get frustrated and dejected? Well the truth is this, at the initial stage, most of them lack goal setting and future plan, at the first stage of their lives they only planned for the present without planning ahead of time, they don’t set goals that can save guide them to achieve their vision hence they kept on pursuing their vision without achieving it. Warren Bennis once said “vision animate, inspire, and transform purpose into action”. So if you can’t allow vision to have its way in you through the plans you set, then how well do you plan to achieve it?
There are some persons who mistake mere dreams for vision, by seating around the corner and build castles on air “i.e. day dreaming”. Carl Jung once said “Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside awakens”. This saying of his is true, your vision becomes clear only when you look in to your heart and know what truly you can be and what you can achieve, those who look outside of themselves are just like those who seat down without planning what they want to achieve.
Action is another ingredient that can help a person visualize his vision. You know why? Because, "action speaks louder than words". Alright may be you still don’t get it, let’s read this Japanese proverb “vision without action is daydream, action without vision is a nightmare.” Now do you understand the importance of action? Once you dream or have a vision the next step you should take is acting towards it. There is a big difference between just dreaming and dream acting. In dreaming you just sit down and imagine things without any attempt to achieve them, but in dream acting, you dream and act towards what you dream in order to visualize it. So you’ve also read it yourself from a Japanese proverb how action matters a lot in what you do.
Self-discovery and setting core values are two very important key that can also help an individual visualize his vision or dream. There are some persons that don’t know themselves or who they truly are, such persons are like machines driven by another man, they are not the master of their own selves, instead someone else have to drive them before they can make a move, which is wrong. Now let’s read another saying by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi “A leader will find it difficult to articulate a coherent vision unless it expresses his core values, his basic identity. One must first embark on the formidable journey of self-discovery in order to create a vision with authentic soul”. So you see, self-discovery is what you need first before achieving your vision, so you have to know who you are truly, what you can achieve and be. Be the master of your own self before being the master of your vision. Setting your core values too, can direct you on how well to handle your vision.


If you ask an average individual what are the factors that are capable of hindering you from achieving your vision? Definitely the person might reply ‘’watching of movies, playing around, not being serious, etc.’’ but believe me, there are two major factors that are absolutely capable of hindering you from achieving your vision, and this two factors are ‘’your parent and peer group (friends)’’. You may be surprise that your parents of all people are part of the things that hold you from having what you want, but that’s the truth, why? Because sometimes parents love for their children overshadow their judgment. Let me accentuate on this.
Every parent wants the best from their child or children, why? Because they want their children to be the best, most times not for selfish interest but for personal or individual satisfaction, they want to be seen and addressed as the mother or father of the best mathematician in the world, best surgeon, best judge, world best this and world best that, hence most parent have been blindfolded by this extreme urge of their children being the best in almost everything, that they indirectly in most cases unknowingly force their child or their children to be what they don’t want to be, and now they’ve hindered their child or their children from pursuing or achieving their vision.
Let’s use this scenario in order to broaden what I said. Ethan is a young boy of 16, he had just discoursed with his parent that he wants to study law. In order words, he wants to be a judge in the next seven years but his parents refuse and even forbid him of talking about law in their house with the reason that lawyers are liars and when they die they’re being buried downwards. Ethan’s father goes further to say “none of my kids or children will ever study law because I don’t want any of them to be buried downward”, Ethan tries to persuade them to turn up, but the situation looks more like pouring water on a rock and expecting the rock to get soaked, Ethan’s parents persist that he study something else apart from law, so Ethan has no choice but to drop his dream and vision of being the best judge to a field he doesn’t desire. Most times parent act this way ignorantly because they feel they’re giving their children the best of everything not knowing that they are forcing their children to be who they are not.
Another factor is peer group influence (friends). There are two major things which friends or peer group use in hindering you from achieving or pursing your vision, one is the:
(1) Pleasing method
(2) Feeling among
Most times you do things to please your friend and as well to feel among, you in most cases don’t want your friends to see you as a weaklings or as an archaic, hence you want to impress them in almost everything you do, you always want them to know you can do better than they think and in most cases you end up finding yourself where you never wished to be. Hope you don’t mind, I like using life scenario to broaden my view, if you don’t then let’s use this scenario as an instance.
Eric has some group of friends he calls the ‘’Twilight’’. They’re just back from the school canteen to the art studio, Eric had wanted to go to the school library to read for an upcoming exam but his friends insist they stroll together to the art studio.
“guy chill there is still time for that” one of his friend once said, “leave him he’s the only one writing exam, abeg guy, keep that bag one side let’s just stroll small and come back” another chipped in, well Eric don’t want to be seen as an all serious busy bee, and he doesn’t want to be treated out by his friends, so he joins them to hangout.
When they get to the studio, Greg a young guy start up a talk “guys once am through with school, am going to be a DJ, how about you guys?” one after the other they say what they want to be, when it’s Eric’s turn, he says “I want to be a great surgeon just like Ben Carson one of the world best surgeons” “My man why you too dey talk non sense Ben Carson, na your grandfather?!” one of his friend snap.
“no mind nam, in think say in dey for America, in no no say in dey for naija, o boy shine your eye ooo…..” another chip in one after the other they keep making comment until Eric is tired of their comments
“okay guys I was only joking I just wanted to hear what you guys will say, am going to be an artiste I mean an actor”
“Better!” one of his friend says.
Now Eric wants to be an actor not because it’s his vision but because he wants to please his friends and feel among the group. So you’ve seen how friends influence or affect ones vision.


There is an adage that says “show me your friend and I will tell you who you are”. Well in terms of peer group influence (friends), it is advisable, you look before you leap. That is, know the qualities a person contain before befriending him or her, don’t just jump in and accept any one as your friend, there should be certain qualities they ought to possess that should qualify them as your friends. Always remember that a friend can make or mar you, so be careful when choosing a friend, and never allow a friend to choose you but choose your friends, if you allow your friend to choose you without any authentic reason but just because they want you as a friend, then know that some are going to be the master of your own self, they will be the one to tell you what to do and when to do what. Even after choosing your friend learn to stand on your words, don’t allow your friends to influence your fine decision negatively, whatever you want to be and whatever you want to do, do it confidently so long as you are sure of progress, never allow your friends to decide for you, if they try to, stand your grand to what you want.
As for parent factor, Its advisable, you try your best to make your parent see reasons with you, although it might be difficult to convince your parent, especially when they are strong willed, but at whatever cost don’t give in so easily, persuade them and along the way they can give in, and allow you achieve what you want.

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