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Who Keeps The Money Bag? By Esther Archibong

POSTED 09/07/2017 14:34:30
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I had sat very closely listening to a neighbour arguing with his new wife about how much he has spent on her hair-dos, up-keeps, costly jewelries, very expensive trips, luxurious shoppings and all that. He had uttered “I can’t continue like this, it evidently seems my whole life's investment is running off to things that are not necessary” and then the young woman, a graduate of Chemistry who obviously didn’t want to get any job of hers and rather sticks around all day waiting for dear husband to come home, vehemently attacked “Then why did you marry me? I had so many who had offered me the world, but I chose you because I thought you were Man enough.” This got me thinking, could the “Man enough guy” be the one that has the fattest account in Central Bank as she so implied?
Meanwhile, there are many arguments about what level of financial status a woman should attain in order to become accepted in the society she finds herself. Sometimes a financially buoyant woman is often given many bad names. Some say she is arrogant, rude, impatient, not submissive to her husband, wicked, and the list continues. Some in the male folk even get scared when a woman seem to be highly successful and some husbands fear they may not be accorded the respect they deserve if their wives possessed plenty money.
Maybe that has reduced some women to the mediocre man-do-it-all mentality. Even the song we sang back then in nursery school spelt this out with the lyrics “My mummy cares for me and daddy provides for me, I love them so dearly”.
I do not dispute the fact that women have the natural inbuilt capacity to care and could be well, very good at it. Still, we could enhance this ability when we are also able to provide.
Fact is, money commands power and having financial capacity also speaks relevance most times. Not that we are out for power, but for us to have our own voice and influence as women and to be of great help to our families and to the larger society, we too need to command financial authority.
Now, if you are still like that my neighbour’s new wife, asking Mr. Husband to supply all your needs according to his riches in Central Bank without having anything of your own to hold on to, then you need to fix it. If you are that young lady still looking for Mr. Wealthy to lay hold on as a husband, well, the word for you is “you’ve got to change that thought right on time and educate the younger generation both male and female to create wealth within and around them.”
Thanks to those who agitated so firmly for the female right to education, thanks to those who sought to stop early marriage of female children, especially in Africa. However, to complement these efforts that have been shown by our heroes and heroines, we should also understand and practice the skill of wealth creation even as women.
It is said that women are supporters, helpers of their families, and sometimes we are limited to think that support is restricted to little, the very small we have to offer but then I wondered and thought about this: If a building has supporters such as lofty as the pillars and foundations of which it cannot do without, I think that we too can decide on which capacity we would like to support or serve. It is possible to be very successful women, if we would accept responsibilities and stop being over dependent on a source we seek to drain.
Let’s think about this: what if all the men relaxed and waited for the women to fall back on all round financial support? What if they did no work or had no skill to create wealth? Then what would be the fate of the women who do less or nothing at all?
Irrespective of how small the start could be, we are challenged to step out from the comfortable arm of overdependence, laziness, lack of innovation which leads to mediocrity and seek out to the excellence we can sure secure.
Yes! There are still women who are making impact in this time, and the ages before, they were women and there are women today who skillfully have their own share of success and wealth, who made an impact in their world, so it is not mission impossible. These things have happened and are happening even today and we can decide to be a part of this team in our time.
Tell a woman, a female friend, a neighbour, a course mate or any lady around you that she is among others that can be a woman of excellence, a successful woman even in this generation. And for my neighbour, please don’t tell her I told you her story, that woman definitely needs a change of mindset.

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