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Do You Remember Your First Knockdown? Get Knocked Up By Stanley Michael Oppong

POSTED 08/31/2018 14:53:30
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Greetings Beloved,
Sometimes History can walk past us without leaving a trail, and in the middle of a major crisis we can always find ourselves right back in its tracks; those tracks may be our only way through the terrible moments regardless of how tormenting, irrefute, awful, demanding and stressful it was. Most times, whether happy or sad, I can strongly become a great admirer of the past because it is that true friend who reminds me of events, places, statements, and actions long forgotten.

Such an irreplaceable friend (past) is more like an organic alarm clock that speaks only in the rewind of the present. With such a friend, you can tailor tomorrow from yesterday’s outcomes. Trust me! I do a lot of tailoring when necessary – some of my designs are unidirectional and specifically made for personal achievements and recovery from KNOCKDOWNs. Have you had a knock down flat on the floor when you thought you won the trophy? How many of us often remember our failures than our successes? Or are you just concern about all of the good times than actually the bad ones? Truly, I don’t learn much from the good moments compare to the monstrous events of my life.

So the quality question here is, do you remember your first KNOCKDOWN? Have you paid an “eye – mind” visit to the old you when you first had your bitter bite of life? You should. There are things more particular about the first time you ever failed in life or cutshort of a major growth. It always introduces those parts, if not all, of our lives that need concentration the most. This is an unavoidable truth: an improper care of our first knockdown can actually lead to more knockdowns than anticipated.

Let me share with you, in this piece, why it is often necessary to remember the first time you got kicked out.

1. Your First Knock Down Often Teaches About FEAR – F
Right before the breakthrough, many of us embrace the fear of failing. It is normal to fail, but it shouldn’t be normal to have fear. Fear is a negative force that drains us of our most precious energy of change, episodic advances, and being most truly alive. When you reflect on your knock down, it keeps you informed of and prepared for this deadly enemy.

2. Your First Knockdown Often Teaches About INCONSISTENCY – I
Our individual experiences mostly correct us by discipline – a discipline of productive action. We fail because of a certain inconsistent or irregular attitude we induce in every step of the way. In most cases, we are clouded by something I called “one time result” scenario – that is when we do a certain thing today and it doesn’t produce the expected outcome we quit! Most lives are failing because of this mistake. If you must BECOME you should begin from BECOMING. If you must DO, you must start with DOING. Either of these two is a process of continual, repetive action. You need to be consistent to whatever that is positive and has ties with your goals.

3. Your First Knockdown Serve As A REMINDER – R
Nothing reminds me like memory. I enjoy just gazing at the old me. Why do I feel totally unseen and undisturbed when I am focused on talking with my memories? I get the answer now. That’s because I get reminded and not only that, it is the only time I have a better explanation of the causes and effects of everything done and experienced in the past. So I get glue to every details. We need details to communicate, analyze, and construct the future! To have a successful branded future, we need details from our first-time lost, failure, defeat, or knock down.

4. Your First Knockdown Teaches SELF-CONFIDENCE – S
Our homes, businesses, and relationships experienced their first Knock Downs because we truly depended on the certitudes of our families, friends, and cooperate partners to succeed and forget to look inward for the assurance of abilities and capabilities. And as such, we lack the self esteem it takes to win and stick to the earlier reason or reasons why we got involved in the first place. To be self-confident is to have a shield of fixity: it is saying to oneself that no matter what happens to me, I won’t let it disrupt me from succeeding because to win is the only option and purpose for which I was created. This is the kind of self-confidence we get when we visit the first fall – it comes as a strength to avoid us from falling again.

5. Your First Knockdown Allows You To THINK - T
Lastly, our first fall is a stopsign. We are set on pause in order to just THINK. To think over fear, our inconsistent actions, and lack of self-control or self-confidence. Interestingly, it will most certainly be the funniest time to laugh over our mistakes and celebrate our strengths. I tell you this, I have failed many times personally and publicly. But my first fall has always been my favorite shower to get myself sanitized and freshly prepared for more daring adventures. Reflecting upon these five (5) key lessons truly structured me into the man I am now. It is my dosage. Let it be yours if you care enough to succeed badly!

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