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Demerits And Merits Of Social Media By Okeke Emmanuella

POSTED 02/18/2018 16:49:30
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Do you know that the statistics of the human population who log into the social media accounts daily are now over 3 billion? This infers that almost half of the earth’s population spend at least part of their day updating their status or surfing the social network. It is mind-blowing especially when you consider the fact that the earth’s population is approximately 7.524 billion people. This simply implies that about 40 percent of the global population is a social media user. From the statistics by statista 2017, there are estimated to be 2.32 billion smart phone users worldwide and 76.618 percent of these smart phone users’ daily visits the social media. However, the social media does not only belong to the smartphone users alone but also to the mobile phone users. The number of mobile phone user is estimated to be 5.052 billion users worldwide. Active mobile social users are about 2.780 billion which is more than half of the actual population. We all know the Nokia torchlight phone and other non-browsing phones. These are one of the most portable but affordable phones in the universe.
Almost every individual that has a smartphone keeps Nokia torchlight handy owing to fact that smartphones are more fragile and delicate when considering the money used in the purchase and maintenance. Would it interest you to know that these Nokia torchlight and non-browsing phones can indulge in social networking such as Facebooking? Sure it can, by the help of digital codes. Now you could imagine the power of the social media and its influence on the world which include children teenagers, youths and couples of both sexes of male and female.
Would you like to know more about the social media? Would you like to know the merits, demerits and the impact of the social media in our today’s world? Would it trigger your enthusiasm to know the limitless power of the social media and instantaneously reprimand every effort that terms it “mere”? If yes, this essay would not only answer these above questions but would also enlighten you about our social media.
Firstly what is social media? According to the Wikipedia, “Social media are primarily internet-based tools for sharing and discussing information among human beings.”
Definition by Bottle PR- “Software tools that allows groups to generate content and engage in peer-to-peer conversations and exchange of content.
Definition by “Online technologies and practices that people use to share opinions, insights, experiences, and perspectives with each other”.
While the Oxford Dictionary defined the social media as “A website and software programme used for social networking.
To further expound on these definitions above, the social media is simply a website that allows uncensored messages to be transferred through the network. It allows individuals to post their photos, video, ads, thoughts, status and to express their emotions for the world to view, react and comment on it. Examples of the social media are Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp, FB messenger, Wechat, QQ, Instagram, Ozone, Tumblr, Twitter, Sina Weibo, Baidu Tieba, Skype, Viber, Snapchat, Line, Pinterest, YY, Linked in, Telegram, Vkontakte, BBM, Kakaotalk. These above examples by “We are social analysis” are arranged in order of their decreasing users accessing it in a second. This statistics implies that the Facebook is the highest accessed social media with an unbroken record of 2 billion monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2017. Active users are those which have logged into Facebook within the last 30 day interim. WhatsApp and Messenger, have 1.2 billion users each. Other social Medias include Flickr and My space. Instagram just hit 700 million views monthly. If we constructed a pie chart with this records we would assume that the social media users are about half of the earth’s population.
The social media is of great importance and merit to the world. In short, the progress of the world in the aspect of making science viral partly lies in the social media. Apart from this the social media has contributed more to the world. Here are the merits of the social media.
Through the social media, billions of people around the world both far and nigh can connect with each other regardless of their religion and their country. They get to relate with each other through chats. However, social networking makes it easier to keep students in touch with their family and friends, particularly if they live far away.
Online or offline businesses could be promoted worldwide through the help of the social media. A company could post their advertisements on social media as the chances of the world viewing it is assured for the social media users which are located both far and nigh are mostly online to view it. Therefore, I would say that the cheapest medium for rendering the audience cognizant of your goods is through the social media.
It Is A Great Stress-buster
You had a long tiring day at school or at work? Or you feel tensed up thinking about academics or psychological trauma? The social media like Facebook, Instagram etc. are the easiest ways to ease off this stress. It also gives you the opportunity to share your mental stress with your friends and peers. Thus, the social media is one of the greatest ways for people to entertain themselves after a very busy daily routine.
Educational Aspect
The social media has been of great help in the educational aspect of one’s life. It helps students to never miss out assignments or projects. It helps students save money to buy other relevant school stuff owing to the fact that students’ could research on the social media to give the advanced knowledge other than spending money on books, papers and pens. It is also an efficient way of asking and answering for example the Skype could be used as a platform for students to converse on certain topics that wasn’t understood during classes. There are also educational group chats that could be created for outstanding lectures on different sections.
However, the social media has also affected the society in a negative way. The negative aspects of the social media are:
Teenagers are most likely to be affected by this negative aspect of the social media. They spend substantial time on the social media other than utilizing their free time on productive tasks and activities. In simple words, it diverts a student’s interest from learning and rather engages them into irrelevant group chats and gossips.
Personal information about social media users could be hacked and shared on the internet. Similarly, identifying theft is another issue because resolving it could lead to some financial losses to such user. If the situation were left unattended to, the hacker would mal handle the account and dent the image of the user. Users are advised to keep their account private and handled with care.
Scams and Fraudulent Activities
It is no news that scamming and fraudulent activities has become a means of livelihood for some individuals worldwide. Many fraudsters emerge from the social media. They defraud and swindle people of their hard earned money. Many individuals have been scammed by scammers on the social media.
Cyber Bullying
People take advantage of the social media because everything is done behind the screen including the chats, posts and comments. Perhaps, anyone can create a fake account and do anything without being traced. They threaten; intimidate people by sending messages and rumours to create discomfort in the society. In conclusion, while we analyse the merits and demerits of the social media, it is completely unsatisfactory to criticize or vilify the users or the media itself, for the disadvantages of the social media is just a flaw put by its audience. The simple ways of terminating these flaws is by not spending a life time on the social media.
However, we should make out more time for friends and family; this is a natural way of imbibing knowledge, ethics and morals in us. Furthermore, we should be alert, always keeping the privacy settings on our account activated, passwords and other private data should not be divulged, this is to inhibit the operations of scammers and fraudsters meddling with the social network. Block, unfriend or report any suspicious personae bringing up a threatening or an inconveniencing dialogue to counter the menace of cyber bullying and circulation of false rumours.
I think that these are the easiest ways to completely bring back all the advantages of the social media with trivial or no light thrown on the disadvantages. We can’t possibly imagine the world without the social media especially in this present age of computer. On the proposing side, people’s opinion is that this social media act as a great educational tool and a perfect platform for digital learners precisely, not only to learners but to the government as well. On the opposing side, it’s been criticized and concluded that the demerits outweigh the benefits. Nonetheless, this judgement is shaky! As the demerits aren’t some sought of hurricane that can’t be prohibited, it surely can if we all oblige ourselves to do what is right.

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