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Copy Writing Is Key By Ekemini Joseph

POSTED 08/09/2017 17:04:30
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Copy writing is the art of writing with the aim of selling a course, product, or service. This is a perfect science of marketing.
Let me explain.
Copy writing is a marketing science as it is a process that requires tests and changes to fit and increase sales. But it is not purely a science. It requires an art.
Copy writing can come in different forms: Email, landing page, blog post, podcast, content, graphics and more. But wait, what is the sole aim of writing a copy? To sell! That's all.
You write to sell.
Tell me, would you find it applaudable
1. Being sent what you do not want, daily till it becomes a bug? That is daily emails urging you to buy what you clearly have no need of?
2. Being greedily asked for say your email or money without being giving value?
Did you say ' Not nice'?
Maybe you have been doing that.
If you want to sell products or services online, writing persuasive copy is a necessity.
Don't forget good writing is an art, also remember that copy writing requires a fair knowledge of science - psychology.
I have written down 5 psychological ways of getting people to engage with your copy, but, I will share just three- maybe share the rest some other day.
1. It starts with a feeling: Fit your leg first into the shoes of your prospect before thinking of writing that copy.
What makes him cringes? What makes her jump up for joy? You have to speak that feeling, which exist already.
Let's say you sell fruit juice, you need to invoke memories or urges of/for family get together on a Sunday afternoon over a plate of jollof rice.
Conveying a feeling is one strong way of upping your sales.
2. Raise the dust...and blow it off: Some entrepreneurs promise their prospects the whole of Navida, but why?
Don't promise the whole wide world. Your products or services are not perfect, trust me and be sincere to yourself. Create strong copy that addresses your prospects trouble and or objective. So, rather than making promises, point out concerns that customers may have- and give them the assurance that all is well.
3. Have some powers:
Use persuasive words that touch people. Let's take a look at some of them.
Make use of:
a. You. Personalization lights up the world of whoever is being referred to. How do you feel when your name is mentioned? I don't mean the formal name calling like “Ekemini Joseph"
I mean that sweet sound of me hearing you call me Ekemini. Sweeeeed!
That feeling is one power you should have. So in your ads, instead of saying “We will give you..."
Use "You will get..."
b. Free: This part is powerful. I won't say much.
c. The power in clauses. But and because. People tend to listen even when the felt the conversation wasn't making sense, the moment they hear 'but' and 'because'.
Example: It is not very enticing but... See, people just like to hear complete gist. Na dia power dey sleep.
d. Now Now Now: The human nature pushes to need immediate solution. The moment you offer immediate solution, people will buy into it.

That is it for today.

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