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Boys And Nudes By Adetayo Omotoyosi

POSTED 09/28/2018 12:53:30
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In recent times, nude pictures have flooded the cyberspace, with boys engaging in the frivolous act of taking and leaking nude pictures and videos of girls they supposedly loved or had at one time or the other slept with. It seems we are now in the era of nudity, where anything that does not expose the body or sexual contents does not appeal to our soul.

This has been a worrisome trend, which of course necessitated this article. My focus here is on the 'Boys' still holding on to girls pictures. Back while we were growing up, the proliferation of nude pictures was not as pronounced as it is today, with different nudes coming out each and everyday. As a matter of fact, I never knew that a boy could take his lover's nude pictures when they were in good terms and when the relationship hit the rock, he leaks it. Maybe because the internet was not as common as it is today, with almost everyone having access to phones, laptops and the internet. Technology has given us all we want but at the same time, it has also taken from us what we have.

Boys in love and in lust taking possession of the nudes of their lovers, they claim they are in love and they need those images to turn them on whenever the need arises. They also make claims that for their lovers to show them that they truly love them, they must record their nude videos and also take their nude pictures. The girls in their low-thinking faculty willingly obliged them. The girls show different styles typical to what is obtainable during a photo session with a photographer.

During those times, they were both in love and the going was good; calling, texting each other everyday until they start having issues and that is when reality stare the girl in the face and her body suddenly becomes her tormentor. Sometimes those boys used the nude pictures to bully them, extort and intimidate them making the girls succumb to their wishes.

There is this saying that if your boyfriend is in possession of your nudes, do not provoke him because he is like the blood that flows through your body. He is the SARS commander that dictates where to get the criminals in your brain. At that moment, he is the giver of life, the beginning and the end of your dreams, he is the miracle worker of your destiny.

I have read about some girls whose nudes were leaked and they couldn't withstand the shame and stigma attached to such actions so they committed suicide. I hope boys, you know that is one of the consequences of your actions. These actions come with heavy weight of guilt and shame. Usman Danfodio once said that "Conscience is an open wound, only truth can heal it." So I have to tell you the truth, even though it will hurt you, all I want is for you to change and be better individuals in this society and on this earth.

Few months ago, I argued with a friend on this topic, and he said there is nothing wrong in a guy taking a girl’s nude pictures as long as they trust each other. I argued that it is not a matter of trust, it’s about doing what is right and separating it from what is wrong. Boys taking girls nude pictures or recording their nudes is not only nauseating, it is unethical, it is abnormal and you should immediately desist from doing it.

There is another set of boys who take pleasure in collating the nudes of the girls they have slept with and leaking them. These set of boys have lost the real idea behind love, their lust is now the driver in control of the wheel taking them around. Boys I hope you will all retrace your steps and know that no one gives you medal for sleeping with hundreds of girls, and it does not in anyway add to your achievements in life or pave way for your success.

Boys have you ever seen the nudes of your parents?

They both loved each other but not to the extent of recording and sending their nudes, but they are still together till today. Our parents loved each other in those days when love was about friendship, genuine feelings not the one we have now that is based on material possessions.

Boys I hope you will one day see that you can love a girl without having their nudes, and also when you have issues, you will not let your impatience drive you to leak those nude pictures you already had in your possession.

Boys before I go, I would like to give you a hug and mind you, you will only get that from me when you desist from taking, sending and recording nudes of the girls you love. When I am sure you have worked on those issues I raised here, I will write you an epistle filled with beautiful rhythm that will swallow you into the future you long for, and also carve a song that will tell more about love.

Till we meet next time, always strive for success and remember that #ItIsTooLateToBeNobody.

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